Learn more about Medical Massage Below

For a specific injury or treatment, this massage can sometimes be covered by insurance and Mermaid Cove always requires a referral from your doctor or chiropractor. It's a common treatment for a car accident or workplace.

We can help you navigate through this and even refer you to additional providers as needed.

Jennifer: Kaiser, Aetna, Triwest, L&I and PIP
Kayla: Kaiser, Aetna, Triwest, L&I an PIP
Celyna: Kaiser, Aetna, Triwest, L&I, PIP
Samantha: Kaiser Aetna, Triwest, L&I, PIP
Corri: Kaiser, Aetna, Triwest, L&I and PIP
Bree: Kaiser, Aetna, Triwest, PIP
Wendell: PIP
Grady: PIP

We require a referral for all insurance claims and accept the following: 

  • Kaiser 
  • Aetna
  • Triwest
  • L&I 
  • PIP 
  • Injury Cases with approved attorney